Medical and science writing

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Technical writers offer clear and concise information in an efficient format, making understanding a document simple. A technical writer understands the needs of the reader.

A technical writer with a medical and scientific background offers unique capabilities to research, condense, and translate complicated information into a simpler form. Clinical experience with patients and their families, with a focus on verbal and written communication methods, is an excellent demonstration of the ability to understand an individual’s health needs and concerns. Coupled with technical writing expertise, the health professional is able to provide an in-depth knowledge of content and present this information on many levels of complexity.

Differing levels of complexity means that the medical writer is able to prepare submissions for journal articles, evaluate treatment options for disease, and develop patient information materials. By understanding the needs of multiple audiences, the style and tone of writing can be adjusted to match the needs of each group. A skilled medical writer is able to combine the talents of a health professional and a technical writer to bring clarity to readers.