Most of the projects Amanda has completed are proprietary and may not be posted on this webpage. However, this selection demonstrates her variety and style of writing.

Neopuff Infant Resuscitator User Manual

This user manual is designed for respiratory therapists, nurses, and physicians who use specialized equipment in neonatal resuscitation. The document combines several references into one complete manual which is concise and usable. The appendix includes a Quick Reference Card which can be printed, laminated, and attached to the device.

Personal Genome Testing (White paper)

This white paper investigates the emergence of personal genome testing advertised on television and the internet. It is designed to educate the consumer on genetic testing in Ontario, the current state of genetic privacy legislation in Canada, and how the availability of direct-to-consumer genetic tests impacts the direction of legislation.

Sertraline for the Treatment of Binge Eating Behaviours (Drug therapy review)

This drug therapy review is designed for a group of clinical pharmacists to evaluate and share during journal club, which is a self-directed quality assurance program used by hospital pharmacists.

Instructional Design (Adult Education)

This lesson was designed for adult learners to assist them in completing quality internet searches. The lesson is published on OER Commons and aligns with Common Core State Standards for Reading Scientific and Technical Text. This is a free resource available to educators around the world.

Vaccination Script May 2015

This script was developed for a video production company which manufactures patient information videos. The narrative is designed to provide patients with education about vaccination, including how vaccination works, the advantages and side effects, and the annual influenza vaccination. It is written in plain language to allow for translation into French and Spanish.

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